Build a profitable WordPress blog in less than 7 minutes!  

NOTE: This course is not for everyone. ...only for those folks who are tired of being so so...
that are ready to turn their "so so nonprofit blog" into a money making Wordpress machine.

When I made the decision to stopping blogging just to blog ....I came up with tons of Ideas on how I could make money with my blog!  Today, I look back.... I think to myself "what in tar nation" was I thinking! I did not have the foggiest idea what I was doing!  

My Brian Storm plan WAS......Join affiliate programs ( that ended up dropping me because I had no referrals), Invited friends on Facebook to join my email list.(2 loyal friends joined), while waiting to increase my traffic, I pulled my tail between my legs and pitched another successful entrepreneur digital products.

I felt like it never was going to happen for me- but I'm gonna tell ya, I've been pretty damn luck in my life. and as my luck would have it things changed. Why? After doing all the wrong things that wasn't working, I started doing one right thing.. MY OWN THING! By Golly George it freakin worked!  Let me show you.... THE ELEPHANT THAT WAS IN THE ROOM ALL ALONG.....starring in my face- Join FREE below-stop wasting time!

COURSE OVERVIEW: contagious content, branding, find your niche, marketing your blog for $0 dollars, MAKING SALES!

Tools of the Trade ...
I use every day!

#1 hosting websites & blogs

#1 for creating landing pages 

# 1 for building a email list



HI there! I am Montana Austin a"bona fide southern bell from a rural area called Florence, Tennessee! In the business world most refer to me as the bulldog of of negotiation!

This website is my creation to do what I loves best.....Help other aspiring business grow BIG. My business life can be summed up into two words.. sales and marketing!

I have built "from scratch" a successful real estate career,numerous online websites and ecommerce sites in various niches etc. So,  My focus is on marketing for the future.

Now I'm redirecting all my energies toward helping other online business that are struggling and missing the mark of success, by teaching whats working for me, offering FREE support, giving FREE killer information and other necessary tools needed to get you to your dreams and goals faster!


Here we will teach you how to bring prospective customers to a 'new' location "your Location" by simply helping the customers get what they want in a particular area of service. Then dominating the competitors in that area of service.

If  you've ponder these questions... you are in the right place!

How do I brand my niche?
 How to overcome branding challenges?
How do I choose keywords for my Brand?
How do I build a productive email list?
How do I build a landing page for facebook?
How do I get repeat business and find new customers?
What convinces a customer to listen and do what I suggest?
How can I compete with competitors with years of experience?
What makes people trust you, then buy your product or service?
How can I quit my day job and support my family with my own business?

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