Santa Librada 2014-Las Tablas, Panama

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One of the most anticipated is the Santa Librada, the Patron Saint of the town of Las Tablas-Los Santos Providence.

Thousands of devotees, domestic and foreign, visiting every year, especially on 19 and 20 July, to participate in the set of events held in honor of ‘The Moñona’ or ‘La Chola’, as they call it.

The story goes that in the early eighteenth century, a group of men were part of an expedition against English pirates, led by Admiral Gil Jacinto Barahona. These men arrived to the shores of Mensabe, by now known everywhere as ‘Boca de La Laja’.Continue Reading

Siamese Pineapple- 1 Panama Pineapple with 2 tops!

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Share…..Pretty Please1 Pineapple with 2 Tops! Siamese Panama Pineapple! Yesterday I bought this pineapple or “PINA” as we call them in Panama. When I arrived home and pulled out my knife to cut it and realized this anomaly! I researched the web  “Googled It” no luck with this explanation. Wondering if I plant the “tops” if It will growContinue Reading

Work Hard or Work Smart! What do you Choose?

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Share…..Pretty PleaseExample: ‘I stumble on to Zig Ziglar in the late 80′s I was working my first corporate sales job. Telephone Sales. Selling damaged Books and Bibles on pallets. HARD SALE!! Everyone would hangup, really discouraging. So I set out to master the business! After one full week of frustrations,Continue Reading

Panama Hospitals-Provided by USA Embassy

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Share…..Pretty PleaseDirectory of Hospitals: Location: Panama HOSPITAL NACIONAL Avenida Cuba, between 38th & 39th Street Panama City, Panama 207-8100/306-3300 Fax: 227-0580/207-8337 Doctors’ Offices: 227-5444 International Office/Insurance Liaison: 207-8354 HOSPITAL PUNTA PACIFICA Boulevard Pacifica and Via Punta Darien Panama City, Panama Direct 204-8000 Fax: 204-8010 Emergency: 204-8185/204-8184 CENTRO MEDICO Avenida BalboaContinue Reading

Montana Austin “LaGringa” Plays Accordion at Fundraiser-Benefit In Las Tablas, Panama

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Share…..Pretty Please Benefit for Panamanian women with advanced stage breast cancer- LasTablas Panama from Montana Austin on Vimeo. Beautiful Lady (prefiriendo permanecer en el anonimato en Internet) tiene esperanzas de buscar tratamientos para su cáncer avanzado de mama en estadio de Norteamérica .. Los amigos y familiares organizadas en beneficio para recaudar dinero para laContinue Reading

Wow! Montana Austin Plays the Accordion?

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Share…..Pretty Please WOW….Just came across this video and thought I would post! It was filmed at The National Festival of Marjoram or Guararé Festival, Panama 2013. On a porch of a friendly resident. This event is held in the village of Guararé Panama approximately 277 kilometers from the city of Panama. The festival is performedContinue Reading