Thrive Themes  great for creating blog posts, build marketing pages and more.
Mailchimp      Email capture and auto responder program.
Sumome        Free Tool To Grow Your Website Traffic
AppSumo       Tools To Help Entrepreneur Make $$$
Blue Host       This Sites Web Hosting Company
Vimeo             U.S. Based Video Hosting For this Website
PDFescape     Free, online PDF reader,editor,form designer.
Eyejot              Free online video email messaging platform-
Lastpass          Password Vault- never forget your pass codes.
Evernotes         Online sticky notes
getResponse     Email Provider; My favorite  “Easy” Email Program!
Hohner Accordion Practice accordion on I Pad,I Phone, Android


Sony 96GB HDR-J790-Has a built in projector and you can take height resolution photos with it as well. But the coolest thing easy to operate.  White balance adjustment knob-on the front; What a smart Idea!

So if you quickly need to adjust for poor lighting well it takes milliseconds to correct! This camera has Audio input as well for external microphone system.


Important: I rushed out and bought my first $400.00 Handycam HDR CX210 8GB  I bought it before I did my homework bad move! NO audio jack for external microphone….A necessary tool of the trade!

So my first videos lack sound quality, but lucky for me the operating menu screen are Identical and so my first camera was my crash course and still made me a lot of money!

iPhone 5s– I Also Cheer for the iPhone 5s for filming marketing videos. The videos look great!

Camtasia: Video editor I use for 99.9% of my videos. it is the perfect editor killer easy. Basic cut and paste literally drag and drop in what you need.


Sony Wireless lavalier UWPV1-This is the mic I used for 99.9% of my videos.  It’s a wireless easy to use system by Sony.

Why do I like it well no worries for cables or distance, and I still get AMAZING-quality audio. Little pricey.. Its about $700ish for this set…so if money is an issue, I say just go with the Audio Technica Pro 70 which runs about 119.00 dollarsUntitled-3Cowboy Studio: Super Studio comes with killer- 2275 Watt Digital Video Continuous Soft box Lighting Kit with Boom and Carrying Case – 2 Light stands, 2 Soft boxes, 1 Boom Kit no it is very economical and a must have for your video biz!   Read the Reviews

StudioLink- How to Put the Studio Together

Youtube and Vimeo there important as well.

WPCurve: What a jewel! I use them to work on my WordPress. Websites when I bump into conflicts. I use them for all my small website jobs.

Photo Shop CS6:  Took me awhile to master -but I love it to me there is nothing better for editing  Plus Plus! Lots of great tutorials.


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