Your success story…never under estimate the power of a Dixie Diva Story!

What is Success? Success is when you receive more good stuff that life can offer. Then what makes you more successful is when you teach others the tools to be and do more than they ever dreamed possible!


Everyone has the power to make things better or worse. The choice is yours.” This is where hope comes into the marketing picture” When you are trying to influence someone, you must create hope and help them realize they can do something to improve their situation.

When you create hope…..clicking that call to action button always follows.


“Me I’m just a normal person like you who has had to overcome enormous challenges just like you have. Even with success you are faced with new challenges.. with learning, practice and experience the challenges get easier to manage.

 Which brings us back to …Never underestimate the power of your Dixie Diva Story.  It is your greatest asset when trying to connect with your audience.

Look, the more you share your story with people the more they will identify with you, which means they’ll try whatever you recommend 30% of the time.

The people you are marketing your products to need to know your story. They need to know it wasn’t always easy, you’ve been scared, had to overcome great obstacles and have made some bad decisions along the way.

When they see your transparency, the real you, (including you bad grammar) they identify with you. When they identify with you, they will grow to like you…… then …. They will try what you recommend 30% longer and get results.


Want to is the burning desire to accomplish something. The passion ..the attitude!


Skill is the tools and techniques to accomplish you business goals.
I will show you the “how to process” ….the formula to accomplish your online goals with great info, tools, resources and guidance on self-employment being your own boss.  I promise to engage with you personally to show you how we can apply my successful techniques to your unique product or service business model!


Maybe the simplest best kept secret….. for the true long-term business success is to stay “PLUGIN” to the circle of like-minded people.  People who experience success year after year constantly re-energize themselves with materials, life coaches, workshops books, meetups and tons of tool.

I will on a regular weekly base be emailing to you personally new inspiring information, lots of free training tools and guides to keep you motivated in you business and moving forward into the right direction.

Lots of the information that I will be sending you  will probably never take advantage of, which is why I keep it on the “down low” not promoting a full blown online course- its a lead benefit.

But remember in most cases “quality is better than quantity”!

Get what you need now and later use what you can take action on at the current moment.

Work through at your own speed.

If you find you need more hand holding along the way….. well no worries we offer that personal touch as well via Skype.

AS always I welcome questions and comments…!

High Five for Thrive!

I am so excited to blog about Thrive Themes. Why? It has made my website building experience a breeze! A huge time saver!

First let me clarify something…

I am a average creative person… like alot of you creative people out there in the internet world…. we are not  programmers and we don’t know one thing about writing code, but we like to design websites and landing pages for a buck or two!  As a matter of fact this page is built with Thrive Themes!

Thrive themes is what you need and is super easy to understand and use!  DRAG and DROP editor!! Its literally a fill in the blank kind of program!! My grandpa could use it!

Once you use it you will never use another!








Check it out…you pick one of many cool market tested templates and just customize or simply plugin your specific info ..Literal you can have a pro-landing page or blog in minutes… which looks like you slave over code for days!  That’s the simplistic beauty of Thrive Themes!

BONUS: Click the photo below to get started…..

Thrive Themes freebee pack






Please do yourself a favor and try it!

Prove me wrong! If you need help email always make comments!

AAAASFI- American Association for Accreditation for Ambulatory Surgery Facilities International Guest Post-

If you are considering having a medical procedure outside your home country it can be very rewarding and cost effective.

There are things that you need to consider when electing to have a surgery procedure, So find out here on this “GUEST POST” some recommention given by the AAAASFI-

American Association for Accreditation for Ambulatory Surgery Facilities International. AAAASFI is an international organization that provides accreditation of surgical facilities or a similar accrediting body Patients fall prey to unlicensed physicians because of the misconception that anyone with an MD can safely perform any surgical procedure.

There is a need for countries to establish strict regulations controlling who can perform plastic surgery procedures and the surgical setting in which they are performed in order to reduce surgical complications and deaths,”noted Michael C. Edwards,MD,chair of the ISAPS Patient Safety Committee and president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Nigel Mercer, MD,president of the European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

(EASAPS), deputy president of the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons stated,

“Any patient who is planning to travel long distance for aesthetic surgery must be made aware that they are putting themselves at additional risk over and above the risks that they would face finding a certified surgeon closer to home.

It is my experience with 15 years in the Cosmetic Surgery Business that unsafe and horrific surgeries also happen in your home country. It is very important that where ever you decide to have your surgeries it is very necessary to research and seek the recommendations of referrals of friends, family and successful surgery clients. Simply put “be a smart consumer”!

If they insist on traveling to another country, it is imperative that they choose a licensed surgeon who will provide them with service postoperative care and advice, not just an operation.

The only way to find board certified surgeons internationally is on the ISAPS website Patients should also be advised to ask the practitioner what insurance the surgeon carries in case they face complications following their procedure(s) see more of this


October 4, 2014

HummingBird collecting thread for its nest- San Jose Panama

In this video you will seeHummingBird collecting thread for its nest- San Jose Panama..on my front porch collecting threads to place in its nest. Until today, I was thinking that the blinds cord was suffering from sun exposure and dry rot.

I was delightfully surprise and feel fortune to witness this small bit of magic!

The song on this video is one of my favorite swing pieces named SING, SING, SING_ BY BENNY GOODMAN

En este vídeo podrás ver un -Humming Aves Panamá San José en la acción … frente a mi puerta recogiendo los hilos para colocar en su nido. Hasta hoy, yo estaba pensando que el cable de persianas sufría de exposición al sol y la podredumbre seca.

Yo estaba deliciosamente sorpresa y siento la fortuna de presenciar este pequeño pedazo de la magia!
La canción de este video es una de mis piezas favoritas de swing llamado SING, SING, SING_ POR BENNY GOODMAN
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September 30, 2014

Day trip Guararé Panama 2014- Defile

We attend the parade of Carts and activity called in spanish “defile” on Sunday- Festival in Guararé Marjoram, Panama in the  Province of Los Santos

This year Queen emblazoned under the National Festival of Marjoram is Miss Ana Lucia Soriano Ritter.

Recall that this is the 65th anniversary of the festival which began in 1949, created by Manuel F. Zarate and a group of Guarareños.

This activity gathers all Panamanians Guarareños and part of the country to highlight the folk customs of our nation, with the intention of preserving our traditions.

Coast of Panama, Guararé

Coast of Panama, Guararé

Using the auto corrector feature on your blog post. Yes or no?

Well, I have mixed feelings about this subject. Just looked at an old post and realized that there was use of the wrong words… English was not my favorite subject in high school …but, for the love of Pete ….i do know the difference between console and counsel. Da

I opt out on auto correct…..

Ps: forgive my grammar , no bueno ! My college professor said , “my CONTENT was Walt Whitman… A++. Grammer first grader -F.

Solved that problem… Hired a editor!

The moral of the story…..
Content, is our focus!

Chocolate kisses

Plagiarism equals Double Content!

I attended a meeting in Panama this week~to help a new client with his website.

I was horrified to hear his story! He unfortunately had contracted the wrong person to help with his website needs prior to choosing me…opps!

He said, “after a few months past I received a letter that I was being sued for website content “Plagiarism”.

The so called website designer had literally copied and pasted information from another website and placed it on his website! WOW WE!

Case went to legal counsel and was proven to be in violation of double content!
My client suffered a fat fine.

“Double” content and “Double” out of pocket $$!

So after I heard this story.. I thought I would dig into the subject a little deeper…..for my peeps sake!

What exactly is Double Content?Continue reading

September 7, 2014

How to increase your organic search engine rank.

Today, I stepped away from my computer for a breather. While standing on my back porch after a soothing Panama rain fall, I experienced an event that marked my memory for life.

I witness with my own two green eyes, a beautiful blue-green hummingbird taking a splash bath in rain drops that had puddled on a plantain leaf. What a perfect miracle!

One only hopes to see a glimpse of this small bird feasting on the nectar of their flower garden. This special moment in time started the wheels in my head turning….

thinking how nature works together so simplistically and if us human animals did the same, life might unfold a little smoother.

Of course my enterprising spirit kick after that thought and this is what happened!

Optimizing your Google Organic ranking! Its 100% free!  (share on twitter at Montana @MontanaSAustin )


How does it help my website rank higher? Increasing your organic rank is like the dew settled on the plantain leaf….Its free just waiting to be used in unlimited ways. Organic ranking is so under used by website businesses. Why?Continue reading

August 12, 2014

How USA Doctors Get More Clients to their Websites

How do USA Doctors use their website to get more visitor and successfully convert them to patients? The the most successful business person in the USA realizes that the wave of the future business success is the internet.

So with this in mind the USA medical communities are focusing and spend advertising dollars fine tuning their websites presents. Its cost effective and reaches more people seeking medical care or elective surgery.

Statistic show that the most commonly-researched topics are specific diseases or conditions; treatments or procedures; and doctors or other health professionals.(Information is base on research of Pew Internet Project’s research related to health and health care.)

-72% of internet users said they searched online for health information within the past year.

-77% of online people seeking medical information say they began their search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

-1% say they started at a social network site like Facebook.

– 13% say they began at a site that specializes in health information, like WebMD. Just 2% say they started their research at a more general site like Wikipedia and an additional.

5 elements your website should contain:
(note: keep the content clear and to the point, remember on a website less is more!)

  • Testimonials/Reviews-(reviews and comments from your satisfied customers)-Solicited or unsolicited can be a great way for your medical practice to gain confidence and trust in your specialty.

    For testimonials to work, it should be authentic. Testimonials can be leveraged in different places to be effect like marketing materials and social media.The use of video testimonial have more impact than text.

    By using testimonials in a audio or video format on your website, you not only answer the question, you also transform your sales pitch into a credible, unbiased recommendation for your products and services

  • How testimonials works: build trust, helps over come skepticism, substantiates your claims, client can relate,creditable

Below is an Example of an benefit-driven effective testimonial that’ll turn a visitor into a customer: This testimonial endorses creditability and success focusing on three important patient is most concerned with: Vulnerability, safety issues and the need to be heard.

It’s the first time in my life a Doctor really listen to me.” I felt so secure In your hands!  ” You and your friendly staff were there for me thorough the complete surgery process! My pain,concerns and worries immediately taken care of. I felt like I was the only patient you had to care for!  Doctor< >Thank you so much, I will recommend you to everyone I meet!”

  • About the Physician and Certifications- go a long way in improving the conversion rate for a business clients want to know that they are dealing with a medical practice that is board certified and who embraces industry best practices..

Be cautions not to overkill with your certifications. It is a very important content but a have seen many medical websites that screams Its ALL ABOUT ME (Doctor). The focus of your medical website should be primarily on the procedures/specialties offered, second (preferably)video testimonials and reviews of happy past clients, then your certification
and easy to find contact information.

  • Social Media Buttons Icons- High visible social media shares improves the conversion rate. Clients are influenced by social media shares and recommendations made by their friends.
  • Professional Quality of the Medical Website. Clean layout and flat design can make a medical practice’s site stand out from its competitors. The question begs to be asked – If your medical practice neglects care of there website it could possible reflect a message that you lack technology. What does it say about other factors such as product, service, or customer support? How can the online client even trust that you will answer their inquires and concerns?
  • Contact Information clear and easy to find- Most important is the website must be design so that the client is confident that your medical practice is easy to contact.

Watch for my upcoming post: How to Collect effective Testimonials for your Medical Website.


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